A Bigger Team to Start Our New School Year

Letters to a Pre-Scientist is delighted to welcome four new members to our team of dedicated volunteers!

Matching eager young students to scientists, and keeping track of all of their emails and letters, is a huge job. LPS has recruited three new Science Classroom Program Coordinators to share that important work, and with their help, we’ll be able to reach more students than ever this year. The classroom coordinators will act as the liaison between the scientists and the classrooms, and make sure every student is getting his or her letters on time. The new LPS Social Media Coordinator will be working hard to get word out about the program so that we can recruit new scientists who are interested in making a difference in young lives. I’ll also keep all the participants well-informed about what’s happening in our classrooms by posting regularly on the Letters to a Pre-Scientist blog, and on Facebook and other social media accounts.


We’re all going to be very busy as the school year gets underway and we start recruiting new scientists to the program, but all of us, including the brand-new interns, are excited and ready to throw ourselves into the challenge.

If you haven’t already, please “like” the Letters to a Pre-Scientist page and follow us on Facebook. We use that page to share news and information about what’s happening in our classrooms, and any new posts to this blog will be shared there as well. Letters to a Pre-Scientist also has a Twitter account, and you can follow us there at @LettersPreSci to stay in the loop.

You can also read more about the entire Letters to a Pre-Scientist team, including the newest additions, on our “About Us” page.


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