Where in the world is LPS this year?

With the Letters to a Pre-Scientist network growing every year, it’s exciting to see where our pre-scientists and scientists are coming from! This year, we had nearly 2500 scientists sign up for the program, 1625 of whom completed scientist training and were eligible to be pen pals. We then matched 815 pre-scientists with scientist pen pals.

The 1625 eligible pen pals hailed from 48 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and 28 countries from around the world. This year we had our first scientist sign up from Hawaii, meaning that we’ve now had scientists from every state participate in the program over the years. We also have our first scientists participating from Ireland, Luxembourg, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia – among nearly 15 new countries that we have scientists living in this year!

This year’s growth will benefit the 31 classes of pre-scientists in understanding where in the world a career in STEM can take them!

world map






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