What is letter opening day?

The pre-scientists wait eagerly for their letters, trickling in over weeks until every students’ letter has reached their classroom from all over the world. The anticipation builds for the date marked on the calendar when every letter is finally due to arrive and they can all finally be opened. These days – letter opening days – are the most exciting aspect of the Letters to a Pre-Scientist program for the pre-scientists. Happening four times a year, letter opening days are a way for teachers to build excitement around the program and make receiving a letter from a scientist something even more special. All of our teachers turn letter opening days into grand events, more like letter opening parties, with countdowns and photos, and animated chatter as students share what their scientist just wrote them.

We’re so happy that the first letter opening days of 2017 have been extremely successful! Ms. Farmer’s class from South Bend, IN had letter opening day on Halloween, and sent some photos that really capture the energy of the day!


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