Peek into an LPS classroom – Ms. Yoon

Every month, we ask one of the teachers participating in LPS this year to share with us a glimpse into their classroom. This month, we’re taking a peek into Ms. Yoon’s 5th grade science class!

Hello from sunny Los Angeles! The weather has been cooler lately, and the kids are complaining that it’s been really cold (although it’s been around the 60s)!

Our letter opening days are definitely some of the best days in science this year – they love seeing the piles of envelopes and ask if they can open their letters as soon as the first batch comes in.

So far in science, we’ve learned about chemical and physical changes, the states of matter, the engineering design process, and now we’re studying our solar system. The kids love getting to wear goggles to do experiments, and you should have seen how mind-blown they were when they mixed calcium chloride with other substances and the mixture not only changed color but fizzed and got very hot! Needless to say, science is always filled with joy and curiosity!


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