Mr. Ohama’s class opens their letters

It’s that time of year again – most of our participating classrooms had their first letter opening day last week! Here’s a peek into letter opening day in Mr. Ohama’s 6th grade class.

With great anticipation, the countdown was on. “We can open them on one?” Asks Priscilla, not wanting to wait until zero.

“Three…two…one…” and, at once, the letters were (carefully for the most part) torn open. The room grew loud with excitement and joy as students saw there were pictures, stickers, and assorted swag in their letters. Cynthia found a bevy of items in her envelope and went silent as she extracted them slowly and delicately one by one from the package. Trinity loved the pink ink her pen pal chose. Antony found some math-related puzzles in his letter and was ecstatic. Mya loved the stickers!

As students started to read their letters, the room went quiet as 29 students became engrossed in the worlds of their scientist pen pals.

Thank you, scientists, for the effort and care you put into your letters. You made a big impression today!


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