LPS likes to have fun!

Scientists like to have fun, and pre-scientists do, too! We talked with Ms. Wojnar’s 5th graders and asked them a few questions about having fun in and out of science.

Julie 10

What do you think would be the most fun part about being a scientist?

It would be fun to do experiments with chemicals.

It would be fun to work with other people.

It would be fun to research about animals and other stuff.

I think dissecting would be fun.

I think studying animals would be fun.

I think learning about how to mix chemicals would be fun.

I think meeting a lot of new people and making new friends.

I think doing experiments would be fun.

I think it would be neat to make new machines.

I think it would be fun to make new medicines to help people.

Julie 5

Do you have a hobby in common with your scientist?

I like to travel and so does my pen pal.

We both like football.

We both like animals and to take care of our pets.

We both like to do science.

We like similar foods – tacos and cheese.

We both like to dance.

We both like to help people.


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