Excitement, Chaos, and Quiet Moments

by Ms. Cronmiller, 6th grade teacher in CA. Find all of the teacher blog posts here.

Letters: A Poem written by Ms. Cronmiller. Mail! Yes! Surprise! deliver to hands of eager students. "Hugs" to packages yet to be opened. BIG smiles. Go! Tear! Rip! Read! Energy, surpassed only by volume, rising and filling our small room to the brim: WOW! I got a sticker! My scientist... likes black holes...studies Mars...recommended a college. That's so cool! Look here...see this...what's that? Whoa! BIGGER smiles. Quieting voices. Read to themselves. Sacred moments between student and scientist. Happy sighs. Enlightened eyes. Letters enveloped in Hugs! Can we write back? Can we write back?!

This poem illustrates the excitement, chaos, and quiet moments when students have a letter-opening day in my classroom.  Student energy seems to explode when class is started with a “Letters are here!” Then, fast scrabbling happens as letters are delivered into eager hands. After tearing open envelopes, students cannot wait to share about the contents of their letters with each other. Because of Letters to a Pre-Scientist, my students are obtaining new insights about STEM career paths and science research directly from scientists themselves. My students truly cannot wait to write back to their scientist pen pals once received mail has been read. The relationships made through pen and paper will be unforgettable for my students.


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