Even strawberries have DNA

Since the beginning of the year, pre-scientists across the U.S. have been engaging with scientists and expanding their understanding of the world around them. We asked the pre-scientists what they learned about science from their pen pals during the year. Ranging from technical to humorous, we enjoyed this glimpse into the world of science from their point of view and hope you do, as well!


IMG_2812 (1)marcy5One thing I learned was what happens to two galaxies when they run out of gas and dust. One thing I didn’t know before was that stars have a lot of energy and could burn for a long time and once they run out they explode.


I learned that brain cells are the ones that help us make our reflexes.

16143064_1207378609317686_2873738375729753628_n (1)I learned that if you are a veterinarian, then you have to know a lot about medicines because different types of diseases need different types of medicines.

IMG_2808 (2)There is acid in a watermelon.

Even strawberries have DNA.

marcy3I learned that my pen pal studies aquarium animals and that sharks are the most dangerous species in the water.

I didn’t know how some fish in some of Mexico’s rivers can survive in the toxic waters.



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