Awesome Letter 1: formatting & kid-friendly language

The goal of this blog series is to provide STEM pen pals with inspiration and ideas from real letters written by STEM professionals. We asked our 2019-20 LPS teachers to pick a letter that stood out to them and tell us why. We hope this series serves as a resource for pen pals to make letters accessible and engaging for pre-scientists.


This letter was written by STEM pen pal Victoria Cooley to a 5th grade pre-scientist for round 1. The theme this round was your STEM career pathway.

The letter was annotated and reviewed by LPS Teacher Melissa Kwan, and here’s what she had to say:

Overall, why was this letter exceptional?

I really like the formatting of this letter and how the text is split up with pictures. I also like how the STEM professional wrote in kid-friendly language and defined scientific terms. 

What could make this letter even better?

Victoria could have included a map of their location or places that are referenced in the letter.

Check out the letter below, with Mrs. Kwan’s annotations in pink. Thanks to Victoria for not only being a great pen pal, but also allowing us to annotate and publish their letter so others can benefit!

Page 1 of STEM pen pal letter
Page 2 of STEM pen pal letter
Page 3 of STEM pen pal letter


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