We’re thankful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope all of our U.S.-based readers are enjoying the holiday! The LPS team is thankful to all of the classrooms and scientists who participate in our program each year and continue to make Letters to a Pre-Scientist a growing success. We asked some of the scientists to share why they love participating in the program:


The best part is hearing the excitement in the letters from the students. It’s really contagious and brightens my day!

– Lauren Shields, PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UCSF


The most fun has been learning more about my pen pal as the year passes by. I’m always excited to get my next letter and to write my reply.

– Christian Contreras, PhD Candidate in Chemistry at Northwestern University


I love to share my passion about science. I love to encourage students to explore different paths, especially women. LPS is such a great way to make a difference in a young pre-scientist’s life.

– Simone Hasenbein, Postdoc in Environmental Toxicology at UCSD


It’s fun to get letters from the pre-scientists and to learn about all the STEM activities they’re doing.

– Thuy Nguyen, PhD Candidate in Epidemiology at the University of Iowa


Many of the students that I have been so fortunate of being my pen-pal write really funny letters. I am always so excited when I receive them and I imagine what my pen-pal looks like and how they spend their day at school. I also love when I happen to be working somewhere that has interesting things that I can include in my package.

-Sander Denham, PhD Student in Forest Ecology at Indiana University


I love to hear what young scientists are up to in life and what questions they have about the world of science.

-Chris Walthers, Postdoc in tissue engineering at UCLA


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