Welcome back!

Welcome back to another school year! This year, over 400 pre-scientists from almost 20 classrooms across the United States are participating in the Letters to a Pre-Scientist program. All of our pre-scientists started school earlier this month and are looking forward to opening their first letters from the scientists in the next few weeks.

Thank you, scientists!In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be highlighting many of the classrooms participating in Letters to a Pre-Scientist this year. We’re excited to be in touch with teachers, students, and scientists so that we can profile all of the people involved in making this program such a success. It is truly a world-wide effort and we’re grateful to all of the scientists who are as motivated as we are to keep the next generation of pre-scientists excited about the STEM fields.

Along those lines, we’re also excited to bring a new facet to the blog this year. We know that there are many resources available to promote STEM literacy in middle school and high school students, and we’ll be highlighting some of those resources and programs on the blog as well throughout the year. (We’ll also be tweeting about these, so please join us on Twitter!)

All in all, we’re looking forward to another successful year at Letters to a Pre-Scientist, and we’re excited to have you along!


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