New feature: Scientist Spotlight!

Our program would not exist without the support of nearly 500 scientists from around the world and their willingness to share their passion for science with just as many pre-scientists. In light of that, Letters to a Pre-Scientist is excited to announce a new feature on our blog!

In past years, we’ve maintained a static page with bios of some of our scientists. However, we’ve heard from many scientists that they’d like to know more about what others in the program are up to. In response to that, we’re starting a new feature called Scientist Spotlight, where we’ll highlight one of the scientists participating in Letters to a Pre-Scientist this year every 2-4 weeks. We hope this will be interesting to our scientists as well as to interested members of the public, as an opportunity to learn about the variety of careers that fall under the broad term of “scientist.”

If you’re a current LPS pen-pal, please visit this form to indicate your interest in being highlighted on the blog. Whether this is your first or 7th year participating in the program, we sincerely appreciate your participation and would love to hear from you. Once you’ve filled out the form, our social media coordinator, Aliyah, will be in touch with more details.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about what you do! And stay tuned for our first Spotlight in early November!


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