March/April Update

Eroding crayons and prepping them for compaction to demonstrate the rock cycle

Just in time for Earth Day, students are learning about ecosystems around the world. Before diving into ecosystems, we finished learning about rocks, minerals and soils. Students were excited to use Skype in order to speak with real geologists working in the field. These scientists expanded the student’s geology comprehension by discussing soil initiatives as far away as Siberia and diverse land forms within their own state of North Carolina.

Crystal growing

Special thanks to Laura Mallard-Seldomridge and Sam Dunn for both graciously taking time out of their hectic schedules to share their experiences with our students! Another BIG thank you to Mr. Tim Folks, who spoke to our students about the importance of math, science and technology in the workforce; students were really engaged during his lesson when it came time for them to use robocode and design their own combative robots!

Students posing with Mr. Folks of Enterprise Architecture and Content Services

In our previous update, you may remember students had been divided into country groups that faced problems intertwined with our science objectives. The Brazil group experienced the latest complication when we began our class plant growing experiments; Brazil was met with some serious deforestation problems that caused crises to groups worldwide. Students discussed the importance of finding a balance between boosting ones economy and aiding the environment. We voted as a class on the best deforestation problem solving essays and plant growth experimenters who received sunflower growing kits for their hard work.

Outside the classroom, we have been very fortunate to have some great college experiences! In late March, approximately 20 colleges across the state visited our school to educate students on the importance of college and discuss various areas of study available to them. This week we traveled all the way to Durham to get a guided tour of North Carolina Central University. It was most students’ first time outside of Bertie County, and certainly their first time on a college campus! They were extremely excited to meet college students, compare a collegiate cafeteria to our own and find out about all the clubs/activities on campus! In May, we will be able to continue our college tours when we visit the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill’s Morehead Planetarium thanks in full to the Nicholas Bunn Bodie Scholarship.

Students showing their Eagle spirit at NCCU

Feel free to discuss any of the exciting events, activities and objectives mentioned on here in your next pen pal letter. Remember the fourth and final pen pal letter is due: Monday, May 7th, 2012. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns:


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