Letter Opening Day #2

It just so happened that all the letters came in right before our winter break, so we spend our last few days of school opening and writing back letters! Students asked for weeks after we sent off our first letters if their letters had come in yet – they were (and are) very excited to each get their letters! Many of you I know by first name from students telling others about their scientist pen pal and their awesome job. We are working on making a Google Map with the location of each pen pal so that we can see how far our letters are coming from.

Here’s a few photos from our 2nd letter opening day…
An ASU pen! 🙂

image (17) image (15)
Reading carefully.

image (14)image (12)
So focused!

image (10)
Writing like a champ!

image (8) image (5) image (2)

For those scientist who haven’t gotten your letters yet – they’re coming! Due to some absences before break some students got their letters on Monday and are writing back tomorrow. You’ll have them very soon!

We’re currently studying meteorology. This crazy weather we’ve been having has been a great learning experience! This week we’re studying why we have seasons and classifying clouds.

Our classroom received donations of stamps and envelopes from many pen pals and even from someone who read the blog and sent some to the school! Thank you so very much for your generosity!

Happy New Year!


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