Chicago Collegiate Charter School Scientists Earn their Letters!

The month of October brought many fun activities for the young scientists at Chicago 20131028_092235Collegiate Charter School.  They finished up their Scientific Method Unit (they rocked the Unit test), started new units on the Earth and the Earth’s systems, and went on a field trip to the University of Chicago where they went inside college buildings (and met “real live college students,” as they called it).  To top off this amazing month, our students opened their Scientist Pen Pal letters last week!

The look of sheer happiness and excitement on their faces as they received their very own 20131028_092250letter from a real scientist was priceless.   Students were so excited to share where their scientists are from and what their scientists do.  My students are learning about the 50 states right now too, so they were eager to point out their Scientist’s home on a map (some pen pals were from Australia and Europe too!).  Many scientists included stickers, magnets, pens, currency, and pictures which my kids proudly showed off to their classmates.  Not only were the students thrilled, but their families were incredibly excited too!  20131028_121603Many of my students said that their parents, siblings, and grandparents at home were passing around the pen pal letters and learning about the scientists.

After opening the letters, my kids were so excited to write back.  We are doing this in partnership with Ms. Murdock, our writing teacher, so all last week the students were composing their letters to pen pals in her Writing class.  Many students opted out of socializing at lunch and, instead, worked diligently on their letters.  The students can’t believe that they are going to receive three more letters from their pen pals!  They can’t wait for the future correspondence.



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