Awesome letter: Support pre-scientist’s social emotional learning by sharing strategies for coping with stress

We’re sharing real STEM professional letters to pre-scientists annotated by LPS teachers and staff to provide STEM pen pals with inspiration and ideas for their own letters. We asked our 2021-22 LPS teachers and staff to pick a letter that stood out to them and tell us why. We hope this series serves as a resource for pen pals to make letters accessible and engaging for pre-scientists.

This letter was written by STEM pen pal Carly Narlesky to a 7th grade pre-scientist for round 3. The theme this round was: Overcoming Obstacles.

The letter was annotated and reviewed by LPS staff member Jenelle Dozier, and here’s what she had to say:

Carly’s letter is very personal and engaging. She responded to questions her pre-scientist asked and also asked her pre-scientist questions to keep dialogue going. In her letter she supported her pre-scientist’s social emotional learning by sharing how she copes with stress and suggesting strategies for her pre-scientist which align well with this round’s theme: overcoming obstacles. 

Check out the letter below with Jenelle’s annotations in purple text throughout the letter. Thanks to Carly for not only being a great pen pal, but also allowing us to annotate and publish her letter so others can benefit!


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