Adventures in 5th grade science

Students build their Mars landing crafts.

One of my big goals going into my 2nd year of teaching was to include more problem based learning, labs, and projects in the classroom. Over the past few months we’ve done some awesome projects and PBLs that the kids and myself are so very proud of. As our culminating activity during our Force and Motion Unit students  worked in pairs to build a landing craft to land on Mars that has the last humans inside. To simulate this students had to protect a raw egg from a 20 foot fall. Below are photos of construction.

 IMG_0655 IMG_0660  IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0662

Watch some of our landing crafts drop here:

We’ve also studied meteorology this year and students worked in pairs to interpret weather maps and truly be young meteorologists!

IMG_1058 IMG_1055

Students working on their weather maps in the hallway – we like to mix things up! 🙂

Currently we are studying cells and the human body. Students are working on a project that outlines the main human body systems and explaining how each one works with others to keep us happy and healthy. In order to keep our bodies healthy our grade has been participating in local Saturday hikes in our community. Here’s some of the kids on the trail!

The past few months have been very crazy schedule wise due to so many snow days – but they’ve also been really amazing! We were able to get a Donors Choose Grant funded and our classroom will be getting 5 iPad Minis in the next few weeks! So exciting! See more on that at

Students are opening their letters in just a few days and they are so, so excited!  Thank so much to all of you who sent stamp donations and envelope donations! You’re amazing!

Our next two units this year are Ecosystems and Genetics. We’re going to a captive breeding ground for rare birds in a nearby town on a field trip in April, this will be a great connection for the students to the content we’re learning in class.

If any scientists are interested in Skyping in to class in the next few months I would love to do that! Please email me at msjorgenparker(at) if you’re interested.

Thank you for all you do! 🙂


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