The Excitement Never Ends

As letters are piling up and we are preparing for letter opening day #3, my students are becoming more and more excited. They ask me every day if it is time to open pen pal letters yet. It is just as exciting opening letters in February as it is in September. With that being said, I hope that all of the scientists realize what a big impact they are having on my students.


From January until spring break in April can seem like a long time to be in school for the students. However, an exciting opportunity for Weldon Middle School’s science department has come up in the past week. Five students from each grade level will be participating in an activity called the Gravity Games, which is funded by Google and Appalachian State University. This team will build soap box car and race it in a derby in the mountains of North Carolina in April. This is an opportunity for students to work together and apply science to a real life task. It will give them even more insight into what a STEM career might look like.


Our next unit that we will be discussing in class are different forms of energy. We are anxiously awaiting letter opening day #3, and I cannot be more thankful for the time all of the scientists have invested in my students!