Ecosystems & Gravity Games

It’s crazy to believe we only have about 5 more weeks left of school!
We’ve been very busy in 5th grade science. We’re wrapping up our ecosystems unit this week. Students created “biobottles” and are currently competing to see which ecosystem in a bottle can survive the longest. Students collected producers, consumers, and decomposers from our school’s freshwater wetland and deciduous forest, perks of a school in a rural location! 🙂

Photo Apr 21, 10 19 08 AMPhoto Mar 19, 1 47 30 PMPhoto Apr 23, 8 55 38 AMPhoto Apr 21, 4 04 40 PM

Students also dissected owl pellets and constructed food webs based on the diet of their particular owl.

Photo Apr 28, 8 53 43 AM Photo Apr 28, 1 41 31 PM

We’re finishing out the year with our unit on the human body and genetics. Then we take our state test. Starting in mid-May, I’d love to have some pen pals Skype with our class. If you’re interested send me an email at msjorgenparker(at)!

Lastly, our students participated in the NC Science Festival Gravity Games this past weekend in the mountains of NC. A team of students spent the last 2 months constructing a soap box derby car and raced it this past Saturday.

Photo Mar 26, 4 20 06 PM GravityGames

Our team didn’t win, but they did race well and had an awesome time! Building the car was quite an experience and the kids are already talking about the modifications they’re going to make for next year.

We’ll be opening the last letters soon and writing back!
Thank you to all the Scientist Pen Pals who have written to my class this year!