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Fundraisers know that building relationships with donors toward meaningful engagements is at the core of success in the field. As we work closely with a donor over time, the fundraising professional and the donor craft as perfect a match as possible between the donorsu2019 goals and organizationsu2019 goals. The final result is a great gift with known expectations, clear goals, and a deep appreciation for why the gift is important to the organization and donor on multiple levels.nnHowever, a fundraiser in a healthcare setting sometimes finds him, or herself suddenly dropped into a situation demanding speed but also delicacy, intimacy and without a pre-existing relationship.

With Daily Patient Screening, send us the names of your newly admitted patients at the end of your workday, and youu2019ll have comprehensive philanthropic and wealth profiles waiting for you the next morning, including:nnWealthnIncomenCorporate Involvementnand more


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28 Aug 2019


Charity, Volunteering

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Strategic, multichannel fundraising to help you reach and exceed your health care organizationu2019s donor marketing objectives.

Two Day Telethon - June 3rd and 4th During the telethon, individuals were asked to text keyword JANEWAY to 45678 in order to make a $20 donation. The text to donate option was promoted regularly during the live broadcast as one of the ways to give to Janeway. Text to give was also promoted through their social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. There were also special guests performing at different malls.Outside of Haiti relief efforts, this mobile giving campaign has been the most successful mobile giving campaign to date in Canada!

We would like to give a special thanks to the Wireless carriers for making this possible and passing through 100% of the donations. In collaboration with the Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada, Zipgive and Astral Media, this one-day radiothon has been a huge success and has set a new benchmark in Canada! Through the Mobile Giving Foundation, Registered Charities can leverage the ubiquity of mobile without the complexity, expand and cultivate a new base of donors, and create permissive donor interaction.