Stamp Squad

What comes to mind when you think of a stamp? Maybe you think about postage for snail mail. Maybe you think about leaving an imprint on something or someone. We think of both.

The Stamp Squad is Pre-Scientist, Inc’s recurring giving team – our incredible community of powerful individuals who believe every student deserves access to a high-quality, engaging science education and take action towards a more equitable and inclusive future of STEM.

Like a stamp on a letter, the Stamp Squad enables the delivery of our Letters to a Pre-Scientist pen pal program by providing the resources needed to connect students in low-income communities with real STEM professionals from around the world. Stamp Squad donations make it possible for LPS to provide access to mentors who broaden students’ awareness of what STEM professionals look like and do at work and inspire students to explore a future in STEM.

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Introducing the Stamp Squad

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There are currently 33 Stamp Squad members in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Rachael Hokenson
Rachel Eveleth
Rachel Gerstein
Rachel Ginther
Rachel Gonzalez
Rachel Guerrieri
Rachel Havranek
Rachel Rubinstein
Rachel Watson
Rafael Galupa
Ratna Karatgi
Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Means
Rebecca Renteria
Rebecca Simon
Rebecca Thomas-Kuzilik
Regina Guazzo
Remedy Rule
Richard Pfister
Richard Rosas
Rileigh DiDomenico
Rita Park
Robbie Hable
Robert Pattie
Roberto Pereira
Rohan Amare
Roland Maio
Rosalind Armytage
Roselyn Aguila
Rutuparna Das
Ryan Need
Ryan Tumminello
Ryn Thorn