Stamp Squad

What comes to mind when you think of a stamp? Maybe you think about postage for snail mail. Maybe you think about leaving an imprint on something or someone. We think of both.

The Stamp Squad is Pre-Scientist, Inc’s recurring giving team – our incredible community of powerful individuals who believe every student deserves access to a high-quality, engaging science education and take action towards a more equitable and inclusive future of STEM.

Like a stamp on a letter, the Stamp Squad enables the delivery of our Letters to a Pre-Scientist pen pal program by providing the resources needed to connect students in low-income communities with real STEM professionals from around the world. Stamp Squad donations make it possible for LPS to provide access to mentors who broaden students’ awareness of what STEM professionals look like and do at work and inspire students to explore a future in STEM.

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Introducing the Stamp Squad

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There are currently 60 Stamp Squad members in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Macon Lowman
Madison Halloran
Maggie Cloos
Makenzie Patarino
Marc Klingelhofer
Margaret Barlow
Margaret Capooci
Maria Costantini
Maria Elisa Mercau
Maria Krug
Maria Luisa Valle
Maria Straight
Maria Tignor
Marian Hamilton
Marissa Sandoval
Mark & Bev Melmed
Mary Bertschi
Mary Brockett
Mary Colleen Hannon
Mary Kate O’Donnell
Mary Madden
Mary Opalka
Matt Stefanak
Matthew Almeida
Matthew Campbell
Maureen Madden
Maureen Pittman
Mayra Roman-Rivera
McKenzie Powers
Megan Heaney
Megan Jones
Megan Neveau
Megan Watza
Meghan Moore
Meghna Srivastava
Melinda Mohamed
Melissa Breyer
Melissa Foley
Melissa Leib
Melissa Molho
Melissa Morales
Meredith Whitaker
Mia Peifer
Michael Weinstein
Michelle Arrigo
Michelle Drake
Michelle Tabencki
Michelle Wang
Midori Flores
Mikayla Moody
Miles McGonigle
Milton Newberry
Mimi Huang
Miruna Chipara
Mitali Patil
Molly Finn
Monika Roy
Morgan Krueger
Mustafa Mithaiwala
Mya Breitbart