Stamp Squad

What comes to mind when you think of a stamp? Maybe you think about postage for snail mail. Maybe you think about leaving an imprint on something or someone. We think of both.

The Stamp Squad is Pre-Scientist, Inc’s recurring giving team – our incredible community of powerful individuals who believe every student deserves access to a high-quality, engaging science education and take action towards a more equitable and inclusive future of STEM.

Like a stamp on a letter, the Stamp Squad enables the delivery of our Letters to a Pre-Scientist pen pal program by providing the resources needed to connect students in low-income communities with real STEM professionals from around the world. Stamp Squad donations make it possible for LPS to provide access to mentors who broaden students’ awareness of what STEM professionals look like and do at work and inspire students to explore a future in STEM.

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Introducing the Stamp Squad

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There are currently 54 Stamp Squad members in this directory beginning with the letter K.
Kaitlin Gallagher
Kaitlyn McKnight
Kali Esancy
Kamalah Chang
Karen Eisenhauer
Karen Poole
Karin Lehnigk
Karli Norville
Katarina Goodge
Kate Jones
Kate Worthing
Katherine Brumberg
Katherine Swiney
Katheryn Rothenberg
Kathleen Gallant
Kathryn Frens
Kathryn McGill
Kathryn Neugent
Kathryn O’Neill
Kathryn Powell
Kathryn Svec
Kathy Qi
Katie Kapp
Katie Stofer
Kayla Andersen
Kaylee Wilburn
Kayleigh Anderson
Keira Gifford
Kevin Cape
Kevin Cash
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Yue
Kiel Ortega
Kierston Shill
Kim & Janet Hannemann
Kimberly Galvez
Kimberly Wallin
Kira Podolsky
Kirby Perosa
Kirsty Ross
Krishna Chinta
Krista Budinich
Kristen Brown
Kristen Gulish
Kristen Rivera
Kristi Lewton
Kristi Pellegrini
Kristin Anderson
Kristin Huizenga
Kristina Pistone
Kyla de Villa
Kyle Planck
Kylie Smith
Kyndall Nicholas