Stamp Squad

What comes to mind when you think of a stamp? Maybe you think about postage for snail mail. Maybe you think about leaving an imprint on something or someone. We think of both.

The Stamp Squad is Pre-Scientist, Inc’s recurring giving team – our incredible community of powerful individuals who believe every student deserves access to a high-quality, engaging science education and take action towards a more equitable and inclusive future of STEM.

Like a stamp on a letter, the Stamp Squad enables the delivery of our Letters to a Pre-Scientist pen pal program by providing the resources needed to connect students in low-income communities with real STEM professionals from around the world. Stamp Squad donations make it possible for LPS to provide access to mentors who broaden students’ awareness of what STEM professionals look like and do at work and inspire students to explore a future in STEM.

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Introducing the Stamp Squad

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There are currently 31 Stamp Squad members in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Daisy Shearer
Dalia Mulato Zacarias
Dalina Thrift-Viveros
Dana Buchbinder
Daniel Hoffman
Daniel Pollak
Daniel Rizzolo
Daniela Arias-Rotondo
Danielle Nadeau
Danny Stones
Darren Massa
David Heisler
David Potts
David Stone
Dean Gray
Deborah Parker
Delaney Farris
Delaney Moloney
Delaney Snead
Demetrius Carter
Denise Arruda
Denise Croix
Desmond Ramirez
Devon Van Cura
Dina Ibrahimzade
Dion Dixon
Dolly Na-Yemeh
Donald Merritt
Drew Talley
Drew Willoughby
Dylan McCreary